How To Apply For Music Funding In 2023.

Apply for funding and grants in the USA and Canada

Apply for funding and grants in the UK & Europe

NextGen Fund | United Kingdom | Apply here

Catalyser Fund | United Kingdom | Apply here

Trailblazer Fund | United Kingdom | Apply here

Steve Reid InNOVAtion Award | United Kingdom | Apply here

International Showcase Fund | United Kingdom | Apply here

Women Make Music | United Kingdom | Apply here

PRS – Hitmaker Fund | United Kingdom | Apply here

Help Musicians UK | United Kingdom | Apply here

PRS Foundation | United Kingdom | Apply here

Musicians Union | United Kingdom | Apply here

British Council | United Kingdom | Apply here

Anthem. | Wales | Apply here

Creative Scotland | Scotland | Apply here

Arts Council England | England | Apply here

Music Capital Scheme | Ireland | Apply here

Jazz and New Music Creative Grant | France | Opens later in the year

Jazz and New Music Touring Grant | France | Opens later in the year

Apply for funding and grants in Australia, Africa & Asia

Australia Council for the Arts | Australia | Apply here

APRA AMCOS | Australia | Apply here

Independent Artists or Groups Fund | Australia | Apply here

Touring Support | Australia | Apply here

Live Music Events Fund | Adelaide, Australia | Apply here

Sound Connects Fund | Southern Africa | Apply here

Music in Africa Foundation | Africa | Apply here

Tote Board Arts Fund | Singapore | Apply here

Music fund application tips

Arts grants are a great option for creative professionals looking to fund their music career, especially as you usually won’t have to pay anything back. These grants aren’t available to just anyone though and they can be incredibly competitive, so you’ll need to prove you deserve the money and demonstrate how you’ll use it. 

It’s important not to just send out loads of random blanket applications too. Before you’ve filled out anything, make sure you qualify for each grant and tailor your application as such. Try to understand exactly what the funder is looking for before sending anything off.

As with any application, it’s always best to use simple, easy to understand language and make why you deserve the funding as clear as possible. You don’t want to confuse those reading your application so take your time and check things over until you’re 100% sure it meets every requirement.

Here are some useful tips to help you get the most out of your applications:

Provide EVERYTHING the form is asking for

Plan what you’ll use the funds for

Organise your artist documents – ready for uploading (think file formats)

Stay positive and cross those fingers!

Receiving funding can be a really difficult and competitive process, but can also land you amazing backing to continue making music. Try not to get disheartened if you don’t receive a grant you apply for – remember there are so many talented independent artists applying for these schemes too. 

The key is to keep going, work hard on promoting yourself and don’t give up!

SOURCE: Ditto Music