6 Steps to get your music synced (in TV, Film, Video games, etc.)

Step 1: Make sure your music is top-notch

No one’s going to consider low-quality, poorly-produced music. So, before you even think about submitting your music for sync placements, make sure it’s mixed and mastered to a professional standard.

Step 2: Do your research

There are tons of sync agencies and music libraries out there, all with their own unique preferences. Do your homework and find the ones that specialize in your genre of music. Don’t waste your time sending your death metal album to a library that only licenses lullabies.

Step 3: Build your portfolio

A portfolio of your music is like a resume for your tunes. You want to showcase your best work and show off your range as an artist. And don’t forget to include both instrumentals and vocal versions, because sometimes a sync placement requires an instrumental and yours could be perfect if you provide an option without a vocal.

Step 4: Submit your music

Many sync agencies and libraries have online submission forms that you can use to send in your music. Follow their guidelines to the T, and give them as much information as possible about your music and your beautiful self. Sell yourself and put your best foot forward.

Step 5: Network, network, network

Getting a sync placement isn’t just about submitting your music and crossing your fingers. You need to network with industry professionals, like music supervisors and other sync agents. Attend industry events, schmooze like a pro, and make those connections. Who knows? Maybe the person you’re chatting with at the bar is secretly a music supervisor for a big-time movie, and they’re just waiting for the perfect song to drop in.

Step 6: Be patient

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a successful music career. It takes time to get noticed and get those big sync placements. So, don’t lose hope if you don’t hear back right away. Keep working on your craft, building your reputation, and submitting your music to different agencies and libraries. The more you put yourself out there, the more likely you are to get those sweet, sweet sync placements.

SOURCE: Ashley Di Buduo