TuneCore artists show the power of being independent by reaching record-breaking milestone.

TuneCore, the world’s leading independent digital music company for independent artists, today announced the record-breaking achievement of $2 billion earned by its artists, proving the power of independence. The company pays its roster of independent artists an average of $1.2 million per day, totaling an average of $100 million per quarter and that number is growing. TuneCore and parent company Believe distribute approximately one third of the world’s digital music.

The company’s belief in artists and the power of being independent influence all areas of TuneCore’s business. Artists who distribute through TuneCore keep their music rights and receive 100% of their digital distribution revenue. The company reported $1 billion earned by artists in July 2017 and just over three years later, TuneCore artists have reached $2 billion (since inception). To date, over 1 million independent artists have used TuneCore’s platform and thousands of them are making over $100,000 each.

Said Andreea Gleeson, Chief Revenue Officer, TuneCore, “We’re here to help artists connect with and develop audiences while maximizing their digital music revenue – this is our core mission. We’re showing that indie artists can gain a huge fanbase and make a lot of money with TuneCore. We never use a middle man and pay 100% of 100% of revenue from the stores directly to artists, unlike other distributors, many of which claim to pay artists 100% of their revenue, but in fact are distributed by or affiliated with third parties, who take a percentage off the top. TuneCore is empowering indie artists, now more than ever, to say F it and take control of their own careers, there’s little holding them back anymore.”

Independent artists generated $873 million in 2019, up 32% from 2018 (MIDiA Research). This is the fastest growing segment in the global music industry and this is where is TuneCore lives. The TuneCore roster includes independent artists in all stages of their careers – whether it’s musical hobbyists and new artists, working musicians and emerging artists, or top independent artists enjoying lucrative careers through their music – TuneCore has leveled the playing field for artists getting their music heard.

For many, TuneCore has paved the way to financial independence. Artist Yung Gravy was already a viral hit on YouTube, but only when he started monetizing his music through TuneCore, was he able to pursue a career as a rapper and see two of his singles, “Mr. Clean” and “1 Thot 2” go platinum via TuneCore. Chetta was cutting hair in barbershops for a living but after a few years distributing his music through TuneCore, he gained a cult-like following and now solely focuses on his music. One of TuneCore’s biggest success stories is Russ. Early in his career, Russ was persistent in releasing eleven albums over just three years, and the commitment to his artistry paid off. By building a loyal fanbase and consistently releasing great music, he saw his streaming and download revenue reach new heights with each TuneCore check.

Another artist whose life TuneCore has changed is Ken the Man, who was driving for Uber and delivering for Door Dash just one year ago. After TuneCore distributed her song “He Be Like,” she was able to quit those jobs. She commented “’He Be Like’ changed my life. I would write songs in between deliveries. I knew during my entire career I’ve always wanted my music to be a reflection of all sides of me. I’m not trying to get any kind of record deal where artists only get a small percentage and they have to give up rights to their own music. Why would I, when TuneCore pays me 100% of what I’ve earned. I’m able to distribute when I want and what I want.”

TuneCore’s independent artists span all genres, with Rap/Hip-Hop and R&B currently the largest, taking in over $100 million from streaming alone in the last year. The company has established itself as a home for aspiring Hip-Hop artists and currently counts over 200,000 Hip-Hop artists on the TuneCore roster with almost 41,000 new Hip-Hop artists added thus far in 2020.

Matt Barrington, Chief Operating Officer, TuneCore said, “Here’s the thing – TuneCore artists have earned $2 billion, and this is only the beginning, with many new artists turning to TuneCore every day. It proves that giving artists the control, allowing them true independence is a very powerful and positive thing. And it also turns the traditional music industry model on its head.”