Facebook Launches New Program For Independent Artists To Provide Exposure Opportunities For Unsigned Musicians.

With TikTok an important promotional platform for musicians and an increasingly viable path to exposure for many unsigned artists, the bigger players also want to highlight their potential, with YouTube recently pointing out paid out more than $ 4 billion just the last 12 months to the music industry.

ANow Facebook launches a new Independent artist program to help unsigned musicians make their content available for free on Facebook and Instagram.

As explained by Facebook:

“Non-distributed artists and creators can now easily distribute their music for use on Facebook and Instagram products such as Stories, Reels and anywhere else where we host a music library. We have partnered with Preferred Party Music Distribution Companies to help you help you get your music on Facebook and Instagram fast, seamlessly and at no cost to you. ‘

Through Facebook’s partner platforms DistroKid and TuneCore, independent musicians can now link their songs directly to Facebook’s creative tools, and earn money from their use, while Facebook will also provide data insights to help them track their content performance over time.

TikTok wants to offer similar opportunities partnership with UnitedMasters, which also provides a path to exposure for independent musicians. However, the appeal of Facebook’s program will have much greater distribution and reach. This is of course relative to usage, mainly based on involvement with Instagram and Facebook Stories and Reels. But it could end up being a valuable opportunity for musicians to get their songs out there – and maybe even become a new viral trend through Facebook’s apps.

But really, at least for now, TikTok is probably a more valuable prospect in this regard. The app has great, and growing range among younger consumers, which is probably the most important target market in this regard, both in terms of music consumption and the acceptance of video communication options. Having Facebook as another option can not only help, but there may also be restrictions on providing your music on both platforms, based on exclusivity clauses on the different partner platforms for each app.

Still, it’s another opportunity to consider artists, and while Instagram Reels may not see the same level of usage as TikTok, Instagram Stories is now a major consideration.

Through this program, artists would be able to add their tracks to music stickers on all the Facebook instruments, and this could be valuable to many creators – especially those already featured in their programs.