What type of company is DLH Media Group?

DLH Media Group is a Full Service Arts and Entertainment Media Management company that houses professional accounts with talent, major labels, and various other brands.


How does DLH Media Group select who they work with?

Our organization does not work with all talent or brands. We understand that some people do not have realistic expectations, or the necessary work ethic to achieve the success they want. Therefore, we offer a FREE Consultation to speak with each potential client to confirm we are on the same page prior to doing business. Our CEO, Mr. Hodges also works with many major artists, producers, and entertainment companies in the industry.


Who are some of people DLH Media Group has worked with?

You can find some of our most notable clients in the Videos section on our website.


Where are you located?

Our office is located in Woodland Hills CA, but we are recognized as a global brand with clients in Africa, UK,  Canada, Jamaica, Belize, and Mexico.

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